About iTango Project

iTango Project is a new program under the Auspices of the Embassy of Argentina in collaboration with Shakallis Dance School, one of the firstborn dance schools in Cyprus, which is aiming to serve the growth and progress of Cyprus Tango Community, by providing high level workshops, seminars and by organizing unique Tango events such as Milongas (Tango Social dancing nights), Tango Concerts, Practicas, Tango weekends and much more.

iTango consists of:

  1. iTango Academia
  2. iTango Orchestra
  3. iTango Events
  4. Cyprus Tango Meeting

At this moment iTango is successfully organizing:

  • Workshops from absolute beginners to advanced level, by its 4 professional level Maestros.
  • Cyprus Tango Meeting: 2018’s edition will be the 5th one for this international level Tango Festival organized every year in the last weekend of October at Grecian Park Hotel in Ayia Napa. Cyprus Tango Meeting is now the biggest Tango Festival of Middle East Region with attendances from more than 20 countries all over the world.
  • High Level Tango Shows, offering a spectacular experience.
  • Milongas (Tango Social dancing nights). Among others, a monthly Gran Milonga is organized in the amazing 40’s atmosphere Antonakis Music Hall.
  • Practicas, in order to give the chance to people to practice and dance under the assistance of the Maestros.
  • Tango Semiras with visiting Maestros.
  • A new iTango Orchestra (the only authentic Tango Orchestra in Cyprus) aiming to be able to give live concerts not only for the dancers, but also for people that just want to enjoy this special kind of music.
  • Tango weekends in Cyprus, which combine recreation, dancing, socializing and can be attended even from non-dancers.
  • Tango Trips in festivals and events in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Various Tango Events in collaboration with Tango Schools, Orchestras and organizations in Cyprus and abroad.

Tango is one of the most fascinating dances, which apart of the physical exercise, has a lot of positive side-effects in the life of persons coming in contact with it and it is now scientifically proven that dancing the Argentine tango, has a great effect medically. Tango is more than a dance, is a way of living.  Taking up tango classes is the perfect way to rid of anxiety, stress, depression or insomnia a new study shows, it can also teach us a lot about how to develop as people, individually and in relationship with our partner and the people around us.

It is to understood that iTango Project is not only about lessons, events and milongas, but also about offering an improved quality of life to its members.

Here are few reasons why someone should start dancing Tango:
>It is a dance that anyone can dance
>It reduces stress and lets you unwind
>It promotes confidence and self-expression
>It can open up a whole new social life for you
>It can improve your relationship with your partner and tango mates
>It’s a great, fun, low impact workout
>It improves grace and posture
>It’s a sophisticated and elegant dance
>You can begin dancing the tango at any age