iTango Academia

iTango Academia is providing high level workshops and seminars from absolute beginners to advanced level, by its 4 professional level Maestros

Tango is one of the most fascinating dances, which apart of the physical exercise, has a lot of positive side-effects in the life of persons coming in contact with it and it is now scientifically proven that dancing the Argentine tango, has a great effect medically.

Tango is more than a dance, is a way of living.  Taking up tango classes is the perfect way to rid of anxiety, stress, depression or insomnia a new study shows, it can also teach us a lot about how to develop as people, individually and in relationship with our partner and the people around us.

It is to understood that iTango Project is not only about lessons, events and milongas, but also about offering an improved quality of life to its members.

Here are few reasons why someone should start dancing Tango:
>It is a dance that anyone can dance
>It reduces stress and lets you unwind
>It promotes confidence and self-expression
>It can open up a whole new social life for you
>It can improve your relationship with your partner and tango mates
>It’s a great, fun, low impact workout
>It improves grace and posture
>It’s a sophisticated and elegant dance
>You can begin dancing the tango at any age