Michalis Pantelides & Tota Maragkou
Michalis, is an active member of the Cypriot Tango community for more than 10 years. He has been teaching for 8 years of which the last 6 in Shakallis Danced School. His passion for Tango make him travel all over the world and take private and group classes with a lot of renown Maestros.
He has been organizing various Tango events since 2009. This Tango experience and the interaction with Shakallis Danced School made fissile his idea for an international level Tango festival in Cyprus, the “Cyprus Tango Meeting” which is now on its 5th edition and for the iTango Project in 2017.
In 2014 the warm colour sound of bandoneon and the absence of a Tango Orchestra in Cyprus, intricate him to start learning bandoneon and in 2017 to form the first stable Tango Orchestra on the island. His experience, musical background and his unique teaching method make his Tango classes interesting, and attractive for each participant.
Tota, started dancing Tango and very soon it became a passion and a way of living for her. She is always looking for the precision in every step and the perfection in every move.  The rhythmic gymnastics education, that she received from a very young age, helped her understand deeply the body structure and the body mechanics in relation with Tango. All this helped her delve particularly in Tango technique. All the above make a perfect teaching combination with Michalis as they complement each other’s qualities.

Alexis Papastefanatos & Eugenia Maltezou
Alexis and Eugenia dance argentine tango since 2004. They started working together in 2006 and have since attended private courses and seminars with top argentine maestros. Since 2008, they have been giving private and group lessons. Their teaching focuses on understanding one’s body and one’s specific role in the embrace, as well as the improvement of one’s personal technique, in order to achieve a harmonious communication between the couple. Their goal is to make the learning process as easy as possible and to transmit the culture or tango in general (music, etiquette, etc). In parallel, they choreograph and present shows in Greece and abroad. They have been located in Athens and were part of Tangart team, until September 2017.
Alexis started dancing latin and cuban salsa, while a little later he discovered tango. He was intrigued by the music and he decided to deepen in the culture. He soon begins giving shows, in various greek cities. In 2006, he starts working with Eugenia and soon they begin giving tango classes together. He has given classes in Patras, Ierapetra, Agios Nikolaos and Athens, where he also organized milongas.
Alexis is also a tango music enthusiast and collector. He is regularly invited as a tango dj in some the biggest milongas of Athens and he has also deejayed in festivals in Greece and abroad. He mainly chooses tangos from the late ’20s to the mid ’50s and he pays special attention to the melodic and rythmic composition of his tandas, while he looks to inspire the dancers and to keep them on the dance floor.
Eugenia received artistic education from an early age. She studied piano and was a member of various musical groups and choirs. In 2003 she joined a theatrical team and participated in various performances all over Greece. She begun dance classes at the age of 7, and since then she got involved in various dance genres (flamenco, contemporary dance, salsa, etc). She came in touch with tango through milongas and she wanted to delve into this dance more. In 2005 she creates her first choreographies in the context of a chorotheatrical performance. A year later she begins working with Alexis.
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